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This past Friday, I went to the MAD graduation for my sister with my family and then right after was the spring showcase.  The graduation was actually pretty cool how they had a video of all the seniors talking about their experience and who they wanted to thank for allowing them to go through high school in the MAD academy.  It was super crowded and there were not enough seats for everyone and since we came late, my family and I didn’t get seats.  The spring showcase was actually pretty cool how it was actually in the new MAD building.  I had friends there from Bishop who’s brother was graduating from the MAD academy and I made sure you get a picture of them with someones photography.   The juniors music videos that they made was probably my favorite part.  They were really cool and I could have sat there the whole time if I didn’t know there was food outside or if I didn’t have to leave with my family to go to dinner.  The dinner was at Arnoldi’s and it was really good Italian food.  The atmosphere there is awesome and i really recommend it for families with kids.

Rosie being cool with my website

Rosie being cool with my website

Vanessa and Nathalie: my friends from Bishop

Vanessa and Nathalie: my friends from Bishop

Siblings! Joe, Rosie, me, Emma

Siblings! Joe, Rosie, me, Emma


Los Agaves

Los Agaves is probably one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Santa Barbara.  You know when a Mexican restaurant is good when there are a lot of Mexicans eating there.  My family really likes to go there for either lunch or dinner and a few weekends ago we went out to a family lunch there with Lexi because she was staying with us that weekend.  I feel like every time my family goes out to dinner or lunch or anything Lexi is with us.  Lexi ended up getting a huge burrito and I made her eat the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure she was planning on eating it anyway.  I got a crispy chicken taco and rice and beans, but I didn’t end up taking a picture and instead I took a picture of Lexis because it looked better.  Next time I go there I might even end up getting a burrito there, but that’s kinda scary because I have never ordered a burrito unless it was bean and cheese or a breakfast burrito.  Check out the menu here and comment if you know of any good burritos!


Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend I surprisingly didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do.  It was a very good weekend and it consisted of lots of food, friends, and the beach.  paige1

It started off with my sister’s birthday dinner on Friday night and we ate so much chocolate cake.  But of course chocolate cake was not enough for me.


Once I got home from Emma’s dinner, I went to a friend’s house for a little party and on the way home Lexi and I stopped at Rori’s to get some ice cream.  This is one of the many funny photos I have of Lexi.


On Saturday my sister went to Prom with her friend Harrison.  It was funny going to the dinner with my friends because we felt so out of place.  My sister said the food was really good, but my friends and I didn’t eat there, we went to Giovanni’s after.


This is a snapchat my friend Julia took of me holding my pizza with a fork and a knife.  It was a funny time.


On Sunday I worked at Imadonnari because of NCL.  I took a little break and got a huge snowcone that turned my mouth, lips, and tongue blue for a good couple hours.  After this I went to my friends ranch for her moms birthday party and it was really fun.  Sunday night I went out with my sister and her friends and it was a great time.  Monday morning my dad woke me up and we went to our friends beach house for the whole day but I didn’t take any pictures which is really strange.  Comment if you did any of the same things as me!


So today is my older sister’s 18th birthday!  I decided not to blog about food today and instead blog about Emma.  I have collected a few pictures that I had on my phone of her and I, that I will try to write a little something about them… but happy birthday to Emma, go crazy but not too crazy because now you’ll actually go to jail…

p1This summer, Emma, Michaela, and I decided we wanted to try out golfing.  We went to the Valley Club and almost got kicked out for multiple reasons, but it was a great time.

p2We went to our friends birthday party and it was GI-Joe Bros and Barbie Hoes.  I was a punk rock Barbie and Emma was a hippie Barbie.  This is a rare moment that she likes me when we are both out at parties together and it was lovely.


A few months ago, we went to San Diego for my volleyball tournament and we went shopping and discovered our new favorite store, C Wonder.


This past weekend I went to prom and I wanted to take a picture with Emma… but she was passed out on the couch.  Hopefully Emma doesn’t kill me because I posted this…


Lastly, this is my sisters and I on our first day of school.  Emma was going into first grade this year, and it weird to think she’s going to college next year…. and especially because she’s going to Alabama.  But anyway, happy birthday to you Emma and I hope you have a fabulous day!  Love you!

MAD Beach Clean-Up

Last Friday, MAD had a beach clean-up trying to raise money for new equipment.  It was actually a pretty good idea, but it was not at a great time in the year.  Each student was supposed to go around and collect money but most students were not able to because the AP tests were that same week.  Next year I would recommend not to have it the same week.  Sadly there was not a ton of people there either.  I thought more people would come because it was a mandatory thing but surprisingly there were not many people at all.    My friends and I still made it a great time.  To start it off, Lexi and I get out of my car wearing our almost matching ray bans, just to have everyone stare at us… it was kinda scary and uncomfortable.  After we listened to the girls speech, Lexi, Julia, Sam, and I started running around the beach trying to collect the most trash and the biggest things before anyone else did.  We went up to several people on the beach and asked if they had any trash.  Once of trash bag started leaking with dr. pepper we decided to go back to the grass and call it quits.  We stayed around for a little while longer and then Lexi and I had to leave.  It was an interesting time.  123

Chocolate Covered Oreo

This past weekend I went to bishops prom and it was an interesting night.  I went to bed very late and when I woke up in the morning I was very hungry.  I didn’t want to have to walk all the way downstairs right away so I checked to see if I had anything in my room.  Luckily I did and it happened to be the best tasting thing ever.  It was a chocolate covered Oreo.  First of all, I love Oreos and you would know that if you have read my past posts because I have written quite a few blog posts that have to do with Oreos.  Even though it was in the morning, it was just so delicious.  I am not sure how the Oreo was still crunchy but it was awesome.  If you want one of these amazing treats you can go to Robitallie’s in Carpenteria, comment if you want to know where it is!


Via Vai Once Again….

So I’m running out of things to blog about and its getting kinda stressful trying to think of something new, so i’m just going to blog about Via Vai once again.  This time it is a little different because I got something different.  There is a fancy name in Italian for it, but I have no idea what it is, I just called it chicken Parmesan.  I was a little scared trying something new, but I decided it was time to because I get the same thing there every time and I have it way too often.  It was actually really good and that a good thing because now i can switch off every time I go there.  Michael and I met my mom and Emma there and we had a cute little family dinner without my dad and Kate.  Kate just didn’t want to come because shes not super social and my dad had tennis and ended up coming with his friends after which was funny.  If you haven’t been to Via Vai you have to go!